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Hi there! I'm Rachael. I am a  fantasy author based out of Vancouver, BC. On this site, you will find info about me, my books, and book/writing thoughts in my blog. I'm always happy to connect! You can also join the newsletter (below) or find me on social media. Happy Reading :)


Rachael Bell-Irving


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The Goblin Deception



Wicked Conjuring Book 3

When a shadowy evil threatens to tear her people apart, dutiful goblin Isla must rely on the help of a witch and her strange friends to protect her village, while trying to hide the curse she bares. Trapped between tradition and change, Isla's world is on the brink of crumbling unless she can find the courage to forge her own path forward.

In Other News

Dive into the Wicked Conjuring series with book 1, Demons at the Doorstep! Winner of the 2020 Canadian Book Club Award for Young Adult Fiction.

When malicious forces begin to rise from the shadows, a sharp-tongued witch is forced to team up with the person she hates most in the world, a witch hunter hellbent on killing her.

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