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Wicked Conjuring Book 2

The Lupatus Stone

Released May 8, 2021

The adventures of witch Jessica and witch hunter Damien continue as they race after Supai, malevolent Incan god of death, in the hope of stopping him from restoring his full power. The chase leads them to a powerful werewolf artifact hidden deep in the mountains of northern British Columbia, but the success of their mission lies in the hands of a pair of estranged siblings — one of whom is hiding a deadly secret.  


After being cursed by a werewolf seven years ago, Nathan’s only means of survival has been to run and hide. Unable to forgive himself for what he’s become, Nathan has done everything he can to isolate himself from the world. That is, until he comes face-to-face with Abigail, the younger sister he abandoned, and learns she's being hunted by Silas, the same werewolf who bit him. Abigail holds dangerous knowledge about the whereabouts of the mysterious Lupatus Stone, and Silas will do whatever is takes to control the artifact's power. Thrust into a world of magic he didn’t know existed, Nathan faces off against dragons, giants, and Supai's army of shadow demons, all while trying to keep his identity a secret from his sister. 

When his inability to control his curse puts the others in danger, Nathan must learn to embrace the wolf within or risk losing the artifact — and his last chance at family — forever.

Praise for The Lupatus Stone

A tale of magic and adventure that will make you question what’s really out there in the shadows. This sequel builds upon the richly populated world of magical creatures and objects we already know and love and reminds us that there is so much more out there to learn.” - Cherise 

A story of grand adventure, scaling mountains, scrambling across rocky terrain, pulling on heartstrings and telling a story of relationships, history and battles unlike any other. I was hooked, racing with werewolf Nathan through northern forests, learning about his past and struggling to make peace with the werewolf within. A great, fast-paced read complete with love, lust and fire

- Anya Wyres, author of Letters to the Mountain

A great addition to the series. I loved the introduction of new characters alongside the development of the old. It’s exciting to see how the magical world is expanding, I’m ready to dive into book three where the adventure continues. - Leah 

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