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Character Highlight: Book 2

Nathan Duncan

The only thing Nathan is really good at, in his eyes, is running away. At twelve years old he was cursed to be a malicious werewolf eager to create a prodigy. After refusing his would-be mentor and surviving a deadly fire that stole the lives of his parents, Nathan fled his small hometown to spare his younger sister from the danger he had become.

Living on the run hasn't been easy, and despite teaching himself how to use his new-found skills, Nathan and his inner wolf have never gotten along. Nathan is blunt, honest, and protective. When the demons of his past show up in his forest, along with real shadow demons, Nathan has the chance to use his abilities to right his wrongs - if he can overcome his fear.

Inspiration: Initially I pictured Nathan as Rhett McLoughlin from Rhett & Link. Then one of my beta readers said they pictured Greyston Holt, and I think it's a great fit (although he's too good looking).

Abigail Duncan

Abigail always preferred reading books to being outside, and when her family died in a tragic hospital fire when she was ten years old, stories became her safe haven. Dedicating her life to study, Abigail excelled in school and found her passion in history. When the opportunity came to study in Northern British Columbia, focusing on the mysterious dark ages, Abby thought her hard work was finally paying off. That is until her interest in the mythical stories of Camelot puts her in very real danger. Magic exists, a deadly werewolf is after her, and her supposedly dead brother may not be dead after all. Abigail is intelligent, resilient, and proud of the life she has made for herself. She will need courage and confidence as her world is flipped upside down.

Inspiration: it has been very difficult to find photos to represent Abigail. The short, curvy, curly-haired girl isn't very well represented n popular media. This image is the closest I could find, and unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the model's name.

These are the new characters of Book 2 in the Wicked Conjuring series, who will be joining Jessica and Damien in the next installment of the adventure.

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