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Character Highlight: Demons at the Doorstep

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Demons at the Doorstep, book 1 in the Wicked Conjuring series, is an upper YA urban fantasy about a witch who is forced to team up with her mortal enemy to stop mutated demons from taking over the city. Meet the characters from this fast-paced tale, the beginning of a grand adventure.

Jessica Williams

When her parents were killed by witch hunters in her infancy, Jessica was raised by her mother's mentor, Adrianna Willians. Adrianna taught Jessica everything she knows about magic, the magical world, and most importantly, her responsibility as a Beata. With extraordinary ability at her fingertips, Jessica is both honoured and terrified by her potential; especially since she carries the scar from a bloody night when her magic rampaged out of control. With the mysterious dark legacy of a mother she never knew also weighing on her shoulders, Jessica takes her duty of maintaining the balance of magic in the human world, very seriously.

Jessica is known to be pragmatic and disciplined and never rushes into danger without a plan. When she is forced to team up with Damien Crowe, she is pushed to the limit of her comfort zone. Jessica struggles to think with her head, when she may be better off following her instincts. 

Inspiration: I love this photo because it highlights the girl's eyes so well, and the sparkles add a magic quality. Unfortunately, I'm not able to find the model's name.

Damien Crowe

After losing his parents at a young age, Damien and his brother Connor were raised by their fanatical witch hunter uncle. Desperate to escape from his predestined path of becoming a hunter, Damien got his uncle's permission to join the military at sixteen. After his career was cut short by a horrific mission gone wrong, Damien returned home to Toronto to join his brother, now the leader of the city's band of witch hunters.

Damien is highly intelligent, with a touch of arrogance, and always composed. When unnatural demons begin targeting his fellow hunters, Damien makes a choice no other witch hunter would, and teams up with a witch that his group has been hunting. While Damien is surprised to find he enjoys Jessica's sharp wit, it is soon clear the uptight witch is more than she seems, and Damien's risky choice brings about far more than he bargained for.

Inspiration: I imagine Damien as a 21-year-old Vicky Kaushal.

Learn more about Demons at the Doorstep and join in the demon fight.

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