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Podcast Recommendations

Podcasts can be a great form of professional development for authors, and an excellent way to learn while you're on the move. I personally love the podcasts that are quick, straight to the point, and leave you with an action item so you can really apply the knowledge that they're offering. Here are some podcasts that I'm really enjoying right now.

For the writing: Writing Excuses

It's short and sweet (great for my challenged attention span) and always comes with tangible advice and homework from experts in the field. What's especially nice about this podcast is that spans a number of genres and subjects. Sometimes this means having to sift through a lot of episodes to find the topic you're interested in, especially when there are 14 seasons, but even the episodes that don't sound like they apply to you can be interesting.

For the business: Book Marketing Simplified

Another short and sweet podcast with tangible action items that makes marketing accessible for authors. Marketing is a daunting task for any author, whether you're published or not, and is one that I personally dread on a regular basis. But this podcast breaks down marketing into simpler steps and because it is such a short podcast I can focus on just that one concept at a time without feeling overwhelmed.

This podcast is chaos incarnate, but it's such a fun ride. Taking some of the most absurd food debates and taking the subject very seriously (while still laughing at themselves), this podcast really dives into some strange conversations I never would have thought of. It also gets me thinking about the use of language, and how much impact words can have on the simple of things.

These are my favourite podcasts at the moment, and I'd love to hear yours. Are there any that you'd recommend, writing-related or otherwise?

Happy Listening

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