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What is a Beata

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Beata - the Latin term for "blessed one" - is a title bestowed upon a being of mortal origin, who possesses a degree of extraordinary aptitude or ability beyond that which can be typically expected of the species.

The history of the Beatae cannot be found in any written account. The story of their existence has been passed through time by the way of stories, myths and legends.

This is a brief telling of how the Beatae began.

The story goes that, in the days before Camelot, magic used to run wild with little restrictions. In the time of the great kingdom, King Arthur and Merlin went to incredible lengths to bring order to the chaos. Despite opposition from figures such as Morgan le Fay, they were successful in bringing stability that had not previously been seen. It was much in thanks to Merlin, which the likes of whom had never before been present, or at least prevalent, in the world.

Merlin knew that should King Arthur or Camelot ever fell, the power vacuum left behind would bring about a destruction of magical proportions that the world may not recover from. So on the day that such horror occurred, and the world of Camelot was about to come crashing down, Merlin changed the world of magic forever. With the forced cooperation of Morgan le Fay, Merlin split the world. A human reality, and a parallel magical realm.

Many species risked being trapped away into the other world, and to some of the species, Merlin gave a choice. He knew, through his great abilities, that humans would grow to fear and eventually deny the existence of magic. So, the creatures of magical origin could either reside in the magical realm or live among the humans and fall into the shadows. There was a divide within the species, which each individual choice of their own free will where they wished to remain.

Morgan le Fay, forever at odds with the ideals of Merlin and Arthur even until the end, had no desire to see a balance of magic in the new human reality. She believed, as sure as the soil, those able to wield magic were superior above all else. As Merlin began to fade, and her own power greatly diminished, Morgan unleashed curses upon the world. Demons, dangerous magical artifacts, and a few malicious characters were given access to human reality before Morgan disappeared from history.

Knowing of Morgan’s treachery, but unable to prevent it, Merlin used the last amounts of his strength to give humanity a gift. A fraction of his power would be born into characters of any species, at any time, who were destined with the strength of character to wield the magic.

Thus the legend of the Beatae was cemented into history. Their existence has been shrouded in mystery since time immemorial. Little is known of their nature, nor is there much certainty over who has carried the title throughout the ages. Even those privy to the knowledge of magic doubts their presence. The truths behind their mysteries may never fully be uncovered.

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