Wicked Conjuring Book 3

The Goblin Deception

Releasing December 3, 2022

As Jessica and her friends continue their quest to stop the ancient god of death Supai, their journey leads them to a goblin village whose residents are being harassed by demons. As they work to save the village, they discover there’s more to things than meets the eye, including a young goblin with a mysterious power that could start a war.

Isla prides herself on being a diligent and loyal goblin, working as the assistant to her father Galhad, chief of their mountain village. While she dreams of something more, Isla knows that the secret curse she bears means she was never meant for greater things. When a series of strange accidents occur and a motley crew of magical individuals appear with tales of a god of death, Isla sees her chance to prove to her father that she can be more than her curse. But when helping Jessica and her friends find the demons uncovers long-kept secrets about Isla’s curse, the fate of the village falls into her hands. With shadows and lies haunting each step, Isla must find the courage to forge her own path or become the downfall of the very people she’s trying to protect. 

The Goblin Deception

When a shadowy evil threatens to tear her people apart, dutiful goblin Isla must rely on the help of a witch and her strange friends to protect her village, while trying to hide the curse she bares. Trapped between tradition and change, Isla's world is on the brink of crumbling unless she can find the courage to forge her own path forward.