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Book Club Interview 

Well That's Cool Podcast

This podcast is the product of our ongoing pandemic, an idea developed during the dark days of late winter in snowy, cold Edmonton. Well, it snowed once again here this week and so winter is back in full force. With a 15 degree drop in temperature, I must admit I have very little interest in going outside these days, and instead I’ve wanted to curl up with a book and get some distraction time in. What better setting than that for the first meeting of the Well That’s Cool Book Club?

Full-Service Indie Publishing and Vanity Publishing, Explained

Scribbler Blog

This know-before-you-go style article, published on the Scribbler Blog, highlights the red flags of Vanity Publishers and Full-Service Indie Publishers that new authors should be aware of when seeking out options for publishing. When should you hire help, and when should you DIY your published book? Find out in this article. 

Creating Creatures 101

Scribbler Blog

Welcome to your class on creating original fantastical creatures. Before we begin, it’s important to acknowledge that there’s no one correct method of world building. You may also have varying levels of reality in your new world. Or you may not be a fantasy writer at all. Not to worry, this creative writing exercise will still stretch your skills

Author Interview

Joshua Gillingham

"When creating your own creature, think about the environment that organism is from and what features it would need to survive there..."

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