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Keeping a Daily Routine

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

With headlines filling up our newsfeeds about Covid-19 and quarantine, it's near impossible to avoid getting overwhelmed with anxiety, stress, or even grief and guilt. Uncertainty in our lives leads to uncertainty in our minds, and I know personally if I let myself focus on those negative too much then every part of my life is affected.

My approach to managing stress is focusing on what I can control because stressing about what I can't change will make me spiral. This is something I practice every day, so when crises strike I have strategies in place that work for my own mental health.

Of course, there are still bad days. There will always be bad days. That's healthy, normal, and you're not alone in those feelings. The entire world is feeling something like you are right now. Look for places in your life where you can find strength. Whether that's getting up and taking a shower, or sitting down to write a book, every little achievement is something you can control and holds power that you make for yourself.

Personally, I find setting some personal guidelines for myself have really helped to keep (or at least save some) focus on the day to day basis. With the help of my friends, I've compiled some of the strategies that are helping us to keep us sane in these confusing times.

  1. When you wake up, get changed. Don't hang around in the same clothes you slept in

  2. Don't stay in bed all day. One of my friends has a rule that she has to get out of bed by 10:00 am.

  3. I personally find having different zones in the house is a big help. I do my work-work from my bedroom on my desk, and then hang out in the living room when it's time to relax or write.

  4. Keep drinking water

  5. Move. Even if it's just 10 minutes a day. I've implemented morning yoga, using youtube videos, and that has been helpful for me (even though I don't particularly love yoga).

  6. Try not to drink alcohol before 5:00 pm. Okay... maybe 4:00 pm.... 3:00 pm at the earliest.

  7. Find something to do that isn't just Netflix. You can still try something new even if you're stuck at home. Some of my friends are doing jigsaw puzzles, I have my books to work on, some people are the event organizers and connecting everyone on zoom. The purpose of this is finding something that makes you happy, gives you purpose, or even just distracts you and gives your brain a break.

  8. Smile. Cute dog videos on youtube are a great remedy. Personally I like to have dance parties while I'm cooking dinner.

What strategies have helped you through this challenging time? I'd love to hear them - maybe there is something I can try.

I hope you are healthy. Keep smiling.

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